About Us

Who are we?

We are 3 passionate ladies in London, Ontario that love the comfort of shirts & sweaters and saw the need in the local community for print on demand. 

Together we are a combination of Creativity, Resilience, Diligence, Compassion and Love. 

What do we sell?

If you are looking for printed t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, or bandanas for your pet, we are your store!

Currently we are starting with apparel but hopefully in the future we can expand  our product selection. 
What are our Designs?

We are focusing on designs that share love for people, animals and mindfulness. 

We do have our original designs, but if you have something in mind, please reach out! We are always open to do custom orders no matter how small or big the design.

Are we a Registered Business in Canada? 

Yes! We are a registered business with the Ministry of Government and
Consumer Services in Ontario and are also a registered business with the CRA. We are considered a small business (partnership) and we are not required to collect taxes just yet. 

Custom Order Info

Take a look at our Custom Order pdf on how to place your order with us!

Download PDF